Question by  deth (15)

What can you tell me about receptive language disorders and autism?

My son has receptive language disorder and autism.


Answer by  lola78 (42)

Receptive language disorder is a type of learing disability affecting the ability to understand and sometimes written language. Receptive language disorders can result from inherited conditions or may be caused by brain injuries or stroke. Children with autism have problems in three areas of development — social interaction, language and behavior.


Answer by  slkunz2003yahoocom (836)

My son was also diagnosed with autism. His language did not become legible until he was 5. Speech therapy was not beneficial initially, as he did not want to communicate. He did mimic words and sounds, but had no verbal skills until 3 years old. When he demonstrated a desire to communicate, therapy was resumed. Rewarding speech skills proved invaluable.


Answer by  raja86 (86)

Receptive language disorder is the inability to understand the spoken language or to process what is being said. Autistic children have difficulty attending to what is being said to them.


Answer by  vasanths (2)

Language abnormalities are a central symptom of autism. Diagnostic criteria are common characteristics of to communicate with one another with some confidence that the same condition was being referred. A many group of individuals meeting the criteria for autism in childhood were followed up as adults in this study. The other autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are Asperger syndrome.

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