Question by  atushipatel (9)

What are some suggestions for how to quit cursing?

I have a habit of swearing too much,


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

A few methods to try are have someone listen to you speak for an hour and take a mental note of how many times you swear. Once you have that number try to reduce your number on a daily basis. Placing money in a jar is another method. You may also try rehearsing before you speak.


Answer by  sinu (23)

Every time you are talking and you say a bad word. Stop, say excuse me and repeat what you just said without using the curse word. Even if you are along say excuse me. I know it sounds so dumb but I broke myself when the kids were tiny. Because I was scared they'd pick up the habit.


Answer by  JohnnyQ (85)

Start by choosing alternate words that you will allow yourself to say when you are angry. Then wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you curse.


Answer by  brad69 (59)

If you can't will yourself to stop cursing, you can always have a friend tell you you're cursing and punish you when you do it.

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