Question by  ken28 (6)

What are some computer terms that everyone should know?

What are the definitions of these terms?


Answer by  trigonometry (668)

to reboot: to restart the computer; firewall: security program protecting the computer against network attacks; www: the world wide web, often mistaken for "the internet"; to click: use to mouse to indicate an object on the screen and press a mouse button; USB: universal serial bus, a standardizes plug interface for external hardware.


Answer by  monoacuro (441)

Hard drive, secondary memory that stores programs and files. RAM, random access memory, primary memory that kicks in while running programs and such.


Answer by  blaine00 (83)

Memory, which is what is used to hold currently running applications and processes. CPU, which refers to the central processing unit or brain of the computer.


Answer by  shaik (20)

Processor, Motherboard, RAM-Randaom access memory, ROM- Read only memory, CPU- Central processing unit, VGA- Virtual graphics adapter, I/O - input output system IPsec - internet protocol security KB- Kilo byte MAC - Media access control ip adress: internet protocol adress LAN: Local area network WAN : wide area network SAN: storage area network WLAN: Wireless LAN

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