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What is the difference between petrolatum and petroleum?

posted by  David(14)

What are the rules of French grammar?

posted by  durgesh(12)

How to do pronounce Ramen noodles?

posted by  c764kil(20)

What is "multiculturalism?"

posted by  rehan(26)

What does "lebensraum" mean?

posted by  Psyoper83(27)

What is "globalization?"

posted by  KElectronics(54)

What is the official language of Brazil?

posted by  jtpaag(473)

What is the meaning of the word masseuse?

posted by  kat22(20)

What does it mean when the number 88 follows you?

posted by  mlmonday(1)

What is the difference between correlation and causation?

posted by  Montoney(5)

Can you give me the definition of "jovial?"

posted by  grace01497(4)

Is it "integral to" or "integral in"?

posted by  altos(224)

how do you pronounce artisanal?

posted by  Anonymous

What is a causal drinker?

posted by  bederson(22)

Does ex familia mean from the family in Latin?

posted by  Janarthanan(42)

What does fully executed mean?

posted by  brenjas(24)

What is the proper date format to use in grammar?

posted by  blondieone(12)

What does wearing your heart on your sleeve mean?

posted by  ABracken(16)

Can you teach me how to speak Pig Latin?

posted by  brazilian(13)

Can you define emetiphobia?

posted by  harijangam(17)

What is the singular of feces?

posted by  Ein(34)

What is the Latin word for evil?

posted by  HeatherB34(15)

What is the correct form for a paragraph?

posted by  longhornlocke(19)

What is the Latin word for "I am"?

posted by  rjs108(310)

What does "i.e." mean?

posted by  Amy2187(16)

What is the root word for "hydro"?

posted by  antmanpastor(6)

When do you use "me" or "I" in sentences?

posted by  kimber18(514)

What does "sdrawkcab epyt" mean?

posted by  bigreddog(83)

What are some 4 letter words starting with a "q"?

posted by  misschilly007(20)

What is a canal?

posted by  mariya261(12)

What is the origin of the word "picnic"?

posted by  TimaClay(16)

What is a good sentence using the word "flustered"?

posted by  Julianne(31)

What does it mean to be on the down low?

posted by  mkro(15)

What are some common Portuguese surnames?

posted by  fishrmann(44)

How do I say, "have a great day" in Spanish?

posted by  Bob20(16)

How do you say "hello" in Russian?

posted by  wendyj(359)

Is it "a uniformed officer" or "an uniformed officer"?

posted by  manny(185)

What are some examples of plural collective nouns?

posted by  sureshkumarMT(14)

What is the origin of the expression "pipe dream?"

posted by  GinaD(400)

What is a "White Buffalo?"

posted by  GeneralLee(3)

What are the different homonym spelling errors?

posted by  apple(447)

What is the origin of the "rule of thumb?"

posted by  deanping(14)

What is considered littering?

posted by  emon(27)

What are some examples of scapegoating?

posted by  shawnita(19)

What is a nine letter word that starts with the letter S?

posted by  rcottis(66)

What modifies nouns and pronouns?

posted by  worker7183(30)

How do you say sniper in Korean?

posted by  randiegrl(110)

What are the origins of the word moolah?

posted by  mtkwk(30)

What is a good Picasso Don Quixote quote?

posted by  TK(51)

What is the meaning of the last name Voight?

posted by  Juleigh(16)

What is love?

posted by  mamaz03(2)

Where did the phrase I tell you what come from?

posted by  Steve44(16)

What are the ten main countries that speak French?

posted by  nivlek(1)

What six letters combine for the most English words?

posted by  Johnboy(1)

What is the Latin translation of soul mate?

posted by  iowatech(78)

How do you say grandmother in Polish?

posted by  jessyjuan(290)

What is "God have mercy on me" in Latin?

posted by  dennis(20)

What is "viva voce vote"?

posted by  Philip(15)

How do you say, "I love you" in German?

posted by  Reggie(31)

What are some patriotic words?

posted by  Bellarmine(5)

How do you say "You are my love" in Latin?

posted by  keri(33)

What is the meaning pf per dium?

posted by  kfrierson2486(15)

How do you say "oh my" in Portuguese?

posted by  mturk9000(33)

What language did the twelve apostles speak?

posted by  st(72)

Why is "won't" the contraction for "will not?"

posted by  jstub(9)

Why is a female dog called a "bitch?"

posted by  nagewa55(5)

What does the expression going dutch mean?

posted by  Karen57(13)

What is the origin of the word "nickname"?

posted by  clyn(51)

How do you write Happy Birthday in Spanish?

posted by  smf(30)

How do you pronounce guacamole?

posted by  spyyogeshgmailcom(21)

What is Latin for invincible?

posted by  missy(17)

What words end with an "x"?

posted by  JSkyy42(9)

What does "C'eist la vie" mean?

posted by  musical2one(15)

What are some examples of a double entendre?

posted by  sundeep(6)

What is correct "eachother" or "each other"?

posted by  somerset(801)

How to use unambiguous in a sentence?

posted by  amendez117(3)

What is the Latin word for six?

posted by  Kelso(16)

What does "OD" mean?

posted by  Lukeleon(30)

Where did the Roman alphabet come from?

posted by  acm(21)

What is the Hebrew word for "clap"?

posted by  HorseKeeper(25)

What is the difference between suitcases and luggage?

posted by  KeeyaZ(30)

What is "eco-enlightened?"

posted by  HeadSurgeon(1)

What is the quote about the world being your oyster?

posted by  Gilda(113)

How do you say Daughter of God in Hebrew?

posted by  paulz1(79)

Do I need a hyphen in "years' experience"?

posted by  Madauzz(29)

What does name mean in other languages?

posted by  guysoffer(35)

What is the meaning of ekadashi?

posted by  PooBear(341)

What does "ecology" mean?

posted by  Adelaine(42)

What is the Gaelic translation for "believe in me"?

posted by  sammyyay13(11)

What does Princess Tiger-Lily say in Peter Pan?

posted by  lillimolly93(1)

How do you say CHILDREN or KIDS in Korean?

posted by  AmyMomofFive(1)

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