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What does atm stand for?

posted by  Amanda94(40)

Why do some people say washed vs warshed?

posted by  karmachaos(26)

What is the origin of the cents sign?

posted by  cheygavara1(33)

What are some common military phrases?

posted by  worker3868(10)

What does "buenos dias" mean?

posted by  Cali2307(1337)

what is the definition of "innate?"

posted by  JeanneBaney(56)

What is the definition of "introverted?"

posted by  bzzz(16)

How do you say "we love you" in Italian?

posted by  gagan(19)

What is the meaning of chanting ohm in Sanskrit?

posted by  dina(20)

Can you provide me examples of positive thinking?

posted by  jen84(12)

What is indirect proportion?

posted by  worker25(36)

What is the Hebrew meaning of the name John?

posted by  SoCalPlantLady(73)

How do you define apologetic?

posted by  Gavy(111)

What does the name "Michael" mean?

posted by  roger(199)

What is the difference between supplement and complement?

posted by  kipcat(1964)

What are some good Italian phrase tattoos?

posted by  Chrissi(25)

Can you define democrats, republicans and libertarians?

posted by  misty(36)

What are the different types of sign language?

posted by  Lora88(28)

What percentage of the world speaks English?

posted by  Doubter(12)

What does "ribbon lemniscate" mean?

posted by  Jeff27(15)

What is the difference between forgiveness and mercy?

posted by  stud(22)

What is the meaning of ohm when you are mediating?

posted by  edwin(16)

What's the difference between an em dash and a semi-colon?

posted by  Jane42(201)

What it mean to say "build castles in the sky?"

posted by  Omar(23)

What does LMAO mean in text or chat?

posted by  Rathjinngmailcom(234)

What does it mean when someone says it is jerry rigged?

posted by  marikel13(22)

How do you say goodbye in French?

posted by  Kelsey(23)

What is a babushka?

posted by  tribolumen(25)

What is the translation of Aequitas Veritas to English?

posted by  duhman(15)

What is "symbolic interactionism?"

posted by  Keesha(24)

How do you learn to write French?

posted by  AlTerego(11)

What is the symbol for "female."

posted by  Houston(17)

What is the definition of metabolism?

posted by  lash89(25)

What is the proper spelling: opossum or possum?

posted by  Constance(11)

What does pearlized mean?

posted by  Kurt(4579)

What does "en masse" mean? What language is that?

posted by  tehbucktruck(51)

What is the Latin phrase for "in fact?"

posted by  gyles19(126)

What are some words I can use instead of "said?"

posted by  pranesha(8)

What is the definition of luminous?

posted by  starr47(8)

What are "evening ladies?"

posted by  jeans08(10)

What are some examples of the proper use of "I" and "me"?

posted by  megs(16)

What does the abbreviation ie mean?

posted by  Roland(65)

What is the plural of the word surname?

What is an obelisk?

posted by  DulceDeLeche(219)

How do you pronounce seurat?

posted by  Dale(14)

What is meant by an oeurve?

posted by  worker7183(30)

Can you please define "pled"?

posted by  Dale(14)

What does "subrogation" mean?

posted by  Sunseeker(19)

What does "fine" mean?

posted by  rahul24(1)

What is the origin of the word elder?

posted by  steeep(12)

Is it "butt" or "buck" naked?

posted by  RSureash(18)

What is the Hebrew word for "destiny"?

posted by  DesertRat(699)

What is the plural form of people?

posted by  kayers(281)

What is the opposite of "fellow"?

posted by  Joe30(20)

What is the Gaelic translation for live with passion?

posted by  sammyyay13(11)

What are the codes used on the police scanner?

posted by  GMMASTER(17)

Where did the saying Happy Camper come from?

posted by  KD(16)

What is a Spanish hacienda?

posted by  JChamp(60)

What does CEO mean?

posted by  Sammyjordan(4)

What is the definition of "disdain?"

posted by  souzchef(22)

What is the definition of "herbaceous?"

posted by  ITDoc(47)

What was the Latin name for the city of Troy?

posted by  If(39)

What is the etymology of "atypical?"

posted by  Shinigami(21)

What are some phrases that express love in Norwegian?

posted by  Sabrina59(4)

Can you give me an example of juxtaposition?

posted by  etcetera(26)

What is a prefecture?

posted by  Tolbukhin(78)

Where did pig Latin originate?

posted by  Jacob(21)

How many countries speak English?

posted by  Tammy(585)

Is it true that youth is wasted on the young?

posted by  worker5690(40)

What is the definition of "a few?"

posted by  thechadv1(200)

What is the definition of a balk in baseball?

posted by  wrenchguy4222(33)

What are some three-letter words that end in G?

posted by  ed714(50)

What are some terms that are specific to the U.S. Army?

posted by  zabs(27)

What are some good words to describe a poem?

posted by  Elysha45(77)

What is a rhyming couplet?

posted by  Jmow(44)

What are some poetic devices?

posted by  Xombicide(99)

What is a pot head?

posted by  worker1277(33)

What is a good definition of love?

posted by  BenJenkins(16)

What is the purpose of areal linguistics?

posted by  Saddal(10)

Why do people refer to heavy fog as "pea soup?"

posted by  anyname32(28)

What is a "whale tail?"

posted by  worker2243(62)

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