Question by  nyczoo (8)

What are some vocabulary building strategies?

I am learning English as a second language and need some easy ways to build my vocabulary.


Answer by  JD24 (149)

The single best way to build one's vocabulary is to read frequently from a wide variety of sources in which one is likely to encounter words that one is unfamiliar with, but in their context so that their meaning and manner of use are clear.


Answer by  DamacuCamelii (87)

Find books somewhat above your level of reading and read. Don't look up new words when you see them for the first time - try to deduce their meaning from context. When you look up a word after you've met it several times, you will remember it. When you learn a new word, learn its derived words too.


Answer by  posti (99)

You should watch movies subtitled so you can hear words in a context. Also reading a lot of literature in English is a good idea. If you want to brush your vocabulary in particular area, for example business vocabulary, there are good books available for that.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

A great way to build your vocabulary is to watch television or movies in English, especially with English subtitles. Other ways include reading books at or a little bit above your reading level, listening to music in English and keeping a journal in English.

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