Question by  Matt97 (42)

What are the meanings of some common Romanian surnames?

I am curious about different surnames.


Answer by  ShannonPhelan (51)

The three most common Romanian surnames are: "Popa," which means "the priest"; "Popescu," which means "son of the priest"; and Ionescu, which means "son of Ion. "


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Many Romanian surnames are derivatives from the first names (Iliescu, Alexandrescu). Some others are derived from regular nouns and adjectives (Albu from "alb" - white), professions (Finar - rope maker) or geographical locations (Ardelean from the Ardel region).


Answer by  versace (17)

Yeah i am curious of different surnames. But the fact is i like to know from which place they are from and like to talk to them more often. But the problem is i always go wrong in guessing the person's place and with wrong language i start talking to that person.


Answer by  Dizzydoc (5)

Three common Romanian surnames are Popa, Popescu and Radu. Popa translates to the Priest, Popescu is the Priest's son and Radu means the happy one.

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