Question by  beatification (60)

In golf, what is a bogey, a birdie and an eagle?

I always hear these words, but I don't know what they mean.


Answer by  ElleBeeDee (88)

In golf par means that you took exactly as many strokes as expected to complete the hole. Bogey is 1 over par (+1)Okay Birdie is 1 under par (-1)Good Eagle is 2 under par (-2) Better Albatross 3 under par (-3)Best


Answer by  willard (874)

Par is the expected number of shots to get the ball in the hole. A bogey is when you take one shot more than par. A birdie is when you take one shot less, and an eagle is when you take two shots less.


Answer by  Bsjinx (97)

An eagle is a hole made two strokes under par, a birdie is a hole made one stroke under par, and a bogey is a hole made one stroke over par.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

A bogey is one over par. A birdie is one under par, an eagle is two under par, an albatross is three under and a condor is four under and rarely seen.

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