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What spiders are found in the Mojave Desert?

posted by  mollysue(14)

Where is Madeira?

posted by  OceanTiara27(158)

What are some famous cities in Panama?

posted by  jmo81rn(36)

What is Asia's largest desert?

posted by  vino12(8)

Is Singapore is in an earthquake zone?

posted by  sherryk(621)

Does a sundial work the same North and South of the equator?

posted by  shivee(19)

How much above sea level is Iowa?

posted by  sammyrags(82)

What is the area of China?

posted by  BrittMichelle(20)

How big is the Israeli desert region?

posted by  dkay(71)

How are elevation and sea level measured?

posted by  ammy(-2)

How do you figure driving distances in the UK?

posted by  Anonymous(33)

What is the geography of the New England Colonies?

posted by  Kathy(13)

What is the Michigan state capital?

posted by  rsaravanan(9)

What is France known for?

posted by  MrPickles(33)

Which mountain is K2?

posted by  rashmi57(9)

How many miles from London is Southampton?

posted by  ShilpaAjesh(9)

What is life in Ecuador like?

posted by  mlabert(40)

What is the largest city in the world in square miles?

posted by  daniel07(6)

What are the cradles of civilization?

posted by  zachdelkus(20)

What can you tell me about the geography of Kittitas?

posted by  Miika(23)

What continent is partially in all four hemispheres?

posted by  meisterkrapfen(24)

How far is Alert, Nunavut from the North Pole?

posted by  22Verbs(7)

Which is the highest hill station in the world?

posted by  brabdon26(54)

Where is Sam Hill?

posted by  JYas(68)

What is the average temperature in Tunisia?

posted by  diya(29)

Where is Provence in Germany?

posted by  ez(187)

Why do rivers flow north to south?

posted by  Anonymous

Does Taiwan belong to China?

posted by  Slaimee(12)

Why have you chosen to live where you live?

posted by  johnny(2)

Is there any elevation in Florida that is above sea level?

posted by  calebchan(4)

What is a list of seas in the Northern Hemisphere?

posted by  bones31(18)

What is the capital of Turkey?

posted by  npatin44(258)

How big is the Red Sea?

posted by  Kate75(35)

Which way does the Nile River flow?

posted by  rikin(16)

What is the capital of the United State?

posted by  mimi80234(1)

What is the capital of Ecuador?

posted by  goldysoni(6)

How far above sea level is Maryland?

posted by  amit(15)

Where is New Port Richey Florida?

posted by  redhead(5)

What are the colonies in the Chesapeake region?

posted by  davrots(15)

On which continent is Iran located?

posted by  bobbym(55)

Where was the Bob Newhart show located?

posted by  gayathri(14)

What city became the US federal capital in 1789?

posted by  ArathySekar(8)

What is the capital of Cambodia?

posted by  xmasfosho(7)

What are the different regions of Spain?

posted by  WhatsHerName(41)

What are the country has the most space per inhabitant?

posted by  Noel(1)

Do we have to worry about clay-swelling in Roanoke, Virginia?

posted by  Juno(11)

Where is the Empty Quarter desert?

posted by  irishforever2(26)

What is the highest waterfall in the world?

posted by  evilpeter29(15)

What is the relative location of the Rocky Mountains?

posted by  machouno(26)

How many states are East of the Mississippi?

posted by  Jennifer78(56)

Where is Vancouver?

posted by  aringer(33)

What countries border Greece?

posted by  Robert45(10)

What are the ten main countries that speak French?

posted by  nivlek(1)

What are Florida's major resources?

posted by  78y7y(1)

What county do I live in?

posted by  andrew10(27)

Is Manhattan really an island?

posted by  likeajellyfish(15)

What's the biggest desert in Africa?

posted by  Lori(57)

What's the smallest country in the world?

posted by  bapadget(25)

What are the suburbs of Brisbane?

posted by  Sweetness(16)

What was Chesapeake like in 1700?

posted by  kellyt(23)

Are there springs in the floor of the sea?

posted by  leech(1)

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