Question by  Kate75 (35)

How big is the Red Sea?


Answer by  senegaulois (139)

Surface area: 438,000 km² (169,100 square miles) Length: 2250 km (1398 miles) Maximum width: 355 km (220. 6 miles) Maximum depth of 2211 m (7254 ft) in the central median trench Average depth of 490 m (1,608 feet)


Answer by  MartinFarmakov (285)

The red sea is a water inlet between Asia and Africa. It surface covers the Great Rift Valley and covers a distance of around 169,100 square miles. It is about 1398 mi long and in wide it covers about 220. 6 miles. It has maximum depth of 7254 ft and an average depth 1,608 feet.

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