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Who was the most decorated soldier in World War Two?

posted by  Pennfield(25)

Was Mr. Rogers in the Army?

posted by  huggskisses(24)

How do you become a Marine?

posted by  javy24(20)

Is the Army allowed to draft the sole surviving male?

posted by  tanaloo(16)

Is there a weight limit to get into the Air-force?

posted by  pbtollient(29)

Can you join the Marines with a GED?

posted by  Alex44(38)

Does Disneyland give military discounts?

posted by  scaredyet(8)

What is basic training like for the U.S. Army?

posted by  ady(94)

What are the requirements to join the Marines?

posted by  cdr3000(9)

What is the age limit for Navy officers?

posted by  KIRAN21(48)

In the Navy, what does it mean to go from blue to green?

posted by  worker76(773)

How do I send flowers to the soldiers in Iraq?

posted by  pdolson(13)

Does the U.S. Army have a limit on body fat?

posted by  ms2009(14)

What should I consider before joining the Army?

posted by  JACK65(7)

How does joint custody work if one spouse is deployed?

posted by  sjhomer(30)

Can someone tell me how to read military LES?

posted by  ngutherie(23)

How do I go about getting a waiver for the ASVAB?

posted by  waltj(22)

Is the Coast Guard worth enlisting to?

posted by  pruitts(14)

Does the military give a sign-on bonus?

posted by  helper2000(11)

What is boot camp like for US Navy recruits?

posted by  alex19(15)

Can you give me more information on the palace chase?

posted by  ShrimpDeep(21)

Can I enlist in the USMC if I'm married?

posted by  yokaisamurai522(51)

Can you buy a gun with an OTH discharge?

posted by  worker4298(9)

What does a spider hole in the military mean?

posted by  gina(17)

How do I get a case dismissed to enlist in the Army?

posted by  lennyislit(30)

What are the types of military discharge?

posted by  asg(11)

Will the Air Guard take someone with a RE-4?

posted by  begold(17)

Who offers affordable military vacations?

posted by  Adit(26)

How do you pass the ASVAB?

posted by  jessica82(19)

What are the age requirements for the Coast Guard?

posted by  Pam36(91)

Can U.S. Navy pilots have asthma?

posted by  apierce2f(29)

Does the Navy accept Coast Guard as prior service?

posted by  SammyScooter(136)

When were the Marines corps introduced?

posted by  Winnie(26)

How do I apply for an Air Force reserve job?

posted by  boylen(168)

How do you write a good military resignation letter?

posted by  Specificity(27)

What does your ASVAB score mean?

posted by  pz36(6)

What was France's role in WWI?

posted by  StacyDeLoe(27)

How do they assign a veteran's total disability rating?

posted by  worker9820(12)

Does child support change if a solider is deployed?

posted by  worker2295(33)

Can you get into the military with scoliosis?

posted by  surajit(101)

Can you tell me how to obtain my selective service number?

posted by  AD99(12)

Is there an ASVAB pretest?

posted by  prince(18)

How do I become a Navy corpsman?

posted by  jevitiz(142)

What are the requirements for joining the coast guard?

posted by  Yahooosearch(66)

How can I find out the pay scale for the the Air Force?

posted by  abhijitsk1(10)

What types of medications are allowed by the army?

posted by  worker12(293)

What is the history of the military draft in the USA?

posted by  mskiki29360(43)

Is anxiety a reason for military medical discharge?

posted by  Ashley(39)

Does the Navy use the ASVAB to determine jobs?

posted by  jennybop(254)

Can you buy military academy jackets?

posted by  mommy5(144)

What loan options are there for active military duty?

posted by  worker9225(25)

Do they allow color blindness in the Army Rangers?

posted by  gmspence(26)

What are the military physical fitness standards?

posted by  MrP(58)

When in the Navy what do you do?

posted by  liblue(683)

For AWOL, what is the army punishment?

posted by  mic87(24)

What was life like for ancient Roman soldiers?

posted by  fish55(17)

How can I advance in military rank?

posted by  jansi(91)

How can I buy MREs?

posted by  Joe2009(113)

What should I know before taking the ASVAB?

posted by  worker3122(12)

Do you get discount Disney tickets if you're in the military?

posted by  Alice(26)

How many people have died in military service?

posted by  ABracken1303(5)

What is the significance of a country's flag?

posted by  JustinBeck(20)

What is work of national importance?

posted by  asvd(10)

Where should I look to buy old military masks?

posted by  pippa(48)

To join the Air Force, what should your asvab score be?

posted by  RandomDan(489)

What are the military laws regarding finding items?

posted by  evinrude(16)

What does PO1 stand for?

posted by  Jennifer92(16)

What are annulment laws in the United Stats military?

posted by  smartin(51)

What are some kinds of combat aircraft?

posted by  georgie(88)

What age can you get into west point academy?

posted by  aearthdragon(471)

How much does the Army get paid?

posted by  richie(26)

Is it possible to buy military surplus guns?

posted by  Li(95)

What should I do if my son is AWOL?

posted by  livluvlaf(30)

What are some non-military jobs?

posted by  Sky91(25)

What can you tell me about going back to the military?

posted by  priya(10)

Can you re enlist after submitting a dd form 149?

posted by  AlokPande(68)

What is prior service for the United States Airforce?

posted by  mmckin(45)

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