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Question by  Ashley (39)

Is anxiety a reason for military medical discharge?


Answer by  marks (20)

If it's diagnosed by your physician, and you're taking medication for it, most likely yes. Sometimes a unit might demand going off benzodiazepines/relaxants for safety reasons, stigma attached to mental health disorders, etc. However, going cold turkey is going to compromise safety far more than the medication itself. Expect discharge based on medical disqualification, not misconduct.


Answer by  gummie (738)

The degree of anxiety is crucial in deciding if it merits a medical diagnosis. Even though moderate to extreme anxiety is considered a psychological disorder, it is also of a medical concern. My brother-in-law had a nervous breakdown while in the military and was granted a medical discharge. Yes, it is a reason.


Answer by  AC44 (18)

Yes, Anxiety occurs everyday in a professional military. Whether one is able to cope with anxiety and still function to perform the duties assigned and still be a positive force for "Esprit De Corps" must be asked. If after rehabilitation there is no progress and is likewise affecting their unit/mission negatively then grounds for medical dismissal must be pursued.


Answer by  John (9008)

A psychiatric illness can be the reason for a medical discharge from the military. Anxiety could be a symptom of such an illness, including but not limited to an actual anxiety disorder. IT is hard to get a medical discharge for any mental illness, so any anxiety that would result in a medical discharge would have to be extremely severe.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have general anxiety and have been in the army over 10 years. I am on medication and as long as my anxiety does not interfere with my job performance no discharge at least that's what the docs said.

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