Question by  smartin (51)

What are annulment laws in the United Stats military?

I need to understand annulment laws in the military.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

As marriage is a civil matter there are no specifically military laws pertaining to annulment. You should consult laws of the state you live in. In general, marriage can be annulled in such cases as incest, bigamy, fraud, force, permanent incapacity of one of the spouses to consummate the marriage.


Answer by  Chris60 (7)

The United States Military will not offer annulments or any other type of divorce. If you are trying to get an annulment or divorce, you must use civilian courts. You may however aquire advice from the military JAG offices, but they can not represent you or make any finalizing decision to end a marrage.


Answer by  Sarah5482 (120)

Annulments are a civil matter and are based on specific state laws. General grounds for an annulment include; insect, bigamy, underage, prior exsisting marriage, unsound mind and fraud or force.


Answer by  mkgheaton (81)

Generally it all depends on which state you are based in. You also have to factor in why you want the annulment; it may have to get settled as divorce.


Answer by  Lolly209 (2)

My son got married in california & took his wife to where he is station. he wants to get an annulment. he has been married only 2weeks. is he able and how?

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