Question by  asvd (10)

What is work of national importance?

Why did some folks do it?


Answer by  DavyBones (149)

During WWII, some single women became conscripts in the separate branches of the military. This would put a women in a non-combatant role thereby freeing a man that was in that role previously to take up arms in the defense of their country.


Answer by  jamtrac (26)

In military parlance, this implies a mission of strategic significance to the federal government. People do this out of necessity (assignment), professional satisfaction and/or advancement, or fulfilment of egocentric needs.


Answer by  worker4034 (32)

Work of national importance is protecting the United States Of American, our people and our freedoms. People join the military because of the stability in hte job, but to also help defend this country and it's people. The serve in the military to assure us that we are safe under thier watch.


Answer by  Spock (261)

"Work of national importance" was one way to avoid being drafted. If you worked in a munitions factory, as a physician, as a firefighter, or as a teacher, for example, you could avoid being inducted into the Army. Most people working in these careers simply chose them as interesting and fulfilling jobs, but some were deliberately avoiding the draft.

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