Question by  gina (17)

What does a spider hole in the military mean?


Answer by  Darry (3853)

A spider hole in military usage is a single man foxhole that typically has the opening camouflaged so as to provide the ability to ambush an enemy from the hole. It is usually smaller than a standard foxhole and is more focused on concealing the soldier than protecting the soldier.


Answer by  hypertech (690)

A spider hole is a military term that describes a one man foxhole. The hole is usually shoulder deep, allowing the soldier to crouch inside, and usually has some sort of camouflage pulled over the top of the hole. The term "spider hole" comes from the trapdoor spider, which uses a similar tactic to hide and ambush its prey.


Answer by  GetDark (67)

Spider Hole refers to a concealed position, usually underground, from which a fighting man can attack an unsuspecting enemy. An example would be a concealed fighting hole with a trap door in which an insurgent could hide and wait for an enemy to approach and then spring open and attack.


Answer by  DKH (17)

a spider hole is a slang word for a one person fox-hole, that is usually covered with some time of camouflage, so that the enemy does not know that they are there. There is usually a place where the solider can look out. It is not very deep, enough for the shoulder to look out of, while crouched.


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

It is a common term used for a one man fox hole usually shoulder deep. They are commonly used for camouflage during ambushes.

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