Question by  chris70 (301)

Can I receive half of my husband's military pay if we divorce?


Answer by  britt123 (27)

No. But how much money you could possibly get would have to deal with how many years you were married, what the cause of divorce was, and if you had children together or not. If he cheated, and can prove it you get more money.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

If you are divorced you no longer share assets. It's unlikely a judge would make such a decision. If there are children involved that's a different matter.


Answer by  DavyBones (149)

Why should you receive anything? Do you have a job? Why shouldn't he receive half of your pay? Another gold digger. Awesome. I hope you're proud of yourself. You disgust me.


Answer by  Rico (26)

If you are married to the service member for more then ten years and they have served in the military during those ten years, then you are eligible to receive half of their retirement pay only. You will not be able to recieve any of their monthly pay military pay until they retire.


Answer by  jhonq (37)

No, you will not receive half his pay and you shouldn't, you will however receive child support and if it isn't paid just call his commanding officer and tell him or her and it will be paid but only do that if hes a deadbeat otherwise the commanding officer will side with your ex.


Answer by  FormerMarine (37)

Plain and simple no. Once he is divorced he will even receive less money, if there are children involved he will still get Basic Allowance for housing.


Answer by  BDD (104)

No, you will not get half of the pay, you will get what a court decides is fair to both parties. Depends on factors such as how long you were married, how many children you have, if you worked, how much you make, how much he makes, and many other things.

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