Question by  boylen (168)

How do I apply for an Air Force reserve job?


Answer by  jenae567 (35)

Air Force reserve jobs are not merely "apply-and-get-hired" jobs. Even for reserve status, individuals must go through the rigorous recruitment process and attend Basic Military Training (or "boot camp"). The process is begun by visiting a local recruiter, who will ensure you meet the physical, mental, and financial standards to become a USAF reservist.


Answer by  sandyj97 (7)

You need to go to your local recruiting center and tell them you would like to join the Air Force reserves and they will ask you to take an ASVAB test which will help them determine what job areas you are suited for. Once you find out the score you can choose a job in that particular field.


Answer by  rhelt (461)

The location to apply for the Air Force reserves is at your local recruiting office. You can find where your local offices are in the yellow pages.


Answer by  karenfashion (34)

All you do is go to your nearest recruiting office. You will see recruiters for all different branches. Go to the Air Force recruiter of course, since that is what your interested in. Their job is to get so many people recruited, so don't be nervous. Tell them him/her you are interested in reserves, and its as simple as that.


Answer by  BDD (104)

Go down to the recruitment center and talk to a recruiter, they can usually help you with things like that. Or log onto the Air Force website and check it out.


Answer by  Spanky (61)

Go to your local Air Force recruiter and talk to him about joining the reserves. He will be able to assist you in finding any available open slots for positions in the reserves.

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