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Do you buy gifts for your good friends' kids' birthdays?

posted by  apple(447)

How can you throw a successful welcome-back party?

posted by  ToralDwivedi(606)

Is it okay to sleep with my friend's ex-girlfriend?

posted by  mpelle(343)

Do Capricorn and Scorpio get along as friends?

posted by  squiffy(130)

What are good questions to ask when getting to know someone?

posted by  Kittae(60)

What are some tips for turning a guy friend into more?

posted by  guysoffer(35)

Where do I go to find an old friend on the internet?

posted by  dad2crue(55)

Is something wrong with people with no friends?

posted by  navywriter(790)

How should I come out to my friends?

posted by  Shelly(24)

How can I get closer to my friends?

posted by  kpizza(15)

How should I deal with my friend who is bipolar?

posted by  diamond(77)

What are the signs that my best friend has a crush on me?

posted by  gd2525(28)

How do I back out of being maid of honor?

posted by  Aparnano1(17)

What would a woman like for her 30th birthday?

posted by  ddd(10)

What are some unique personalized gift ideas?

posted by  worker1119(78)

Is it safe to make friends on line?

posted by  Reggie(31)

Are men interested in having female friends?

posted by  Lesley(32)

What should I do if my friend betrayed me?

posted by  Joe95(10)

Is it ok for a child to have an adult friend?

posted by  Barbara52(11)

What can be done to help autistic people who have no friends?

posted by  atif(6)

What is the best way to meet other single people?

posted by  vijayalakshmi61(37)

How do I deal with a stingy friend?

posted by  erossiiv(17)

What should I do if my roommate is doing illegal stuff?

posted by  123barbo(60)

What does a wedding personal attendant do?

posted by  Aaron12(70)

Are friends with benefits really a bad idea?

posted by  Stephen47(44)

Why do girlfriends have such intense relationships?

posted by  jdanielbelch(20)

Am I a good friend?

posted by  Phantasmality(36)

What are qualities to look for in a friend?

posted by  Weixing(10)

What can I do about feeling lonely since my friend moved?

posted by  deepak123(17)

What are some good birthday gifts for guys?

posted by  TB64(83)

How can you make friendship last?

posted by  Cara(72)

How do you find old friends on My Space?

posted by  Mercedes(17)

Can you revive a lost friendship?

posted by  chelle57(23)

What are some ways I can go about finding a long lost friend?

posted by  KT57(18)

What is a good gift idea for a secret friend?

posted by  Elizabeth44(24)

What are some tips for getting along with my coworkers?

posted by  DianaZ(15)

What are some great secret pal gift ideas?

posted by  ninjakitty(55)

Who was the best roommate you ever had?

posted by  ruination(32)

How do you deal with passive aggressive people?

posted by  ResetMyLife(11)

How do you meet people in a new area?

posted by  MattK(1713)

What are some cute friendship phrases?

posted by  Willem(24)

How effective is a parent in influencing teen friendships?

posted by  sameer(22)

Is she just a friend?

posted by  mac83(14)

How do I come out to my friends?

posted by  x2rider(52)

What are some good nicknames for a group of friends?

posted by  Serafinah(232)

What are the signs your guy friend is into you?

posted by  Scorn(11)

How can I stop feeling excluded from my roommates?

posted by  ousideinsider(32)

How do you identify untrue friends?

posted by  theonow(17)

How do you know if it's more than friendship?

posted by  Johnnie(25)

How do you deal with a compulsive liar?

posted by  Nicole99(28)

What does it mean if my best friend hurt me in a dream?

posted by  PfcxFlynn(19)

What are some tips for someone who is rushing a sorority?

posted by  benmarvin(19)

Why do I feel used by my friends?

posted by  regal(45)

What qualities should you look for in a best friend?

posted by  Balaji(325)

Why are friends a priority?

posted by  kala(21)

Why do people remain friends with their ex?

posted by  freddie(28)

How should I act when he stops the "friends with benefits"?

posted by  SaBu(15)

How can I help my 7 year old make friends?

posted by  dutchll(6)

Is there a feng shui remedy for bad neighbors?

posted by  bjcthatisme(29)

What is a good friendship bible verse?

posted by  Veronica35(8)

How do I find new friends?

posted by  EdwinAnderson(20)

How can I tell if my ex-girlfriend still likes me?

posted by  Becky(20)

What kind of things does a girl do if she likes you?

posted by  spyman0071(86)

Can you suggest some gift ideas for a female friend?

posted by  manish28(10)

What does this mean: "If it's meant to be, set it free?"

posted by  karinina(24)

How do you resurrect lost friendships?

posted by  ez(187)

How do you define friendship?

posted by  Wacho(68)

What can I do about feeling used by my friends?

posted by  AnneH(28)

What are some great pranks to play on my friends?

posted by  mlanity(25)

What are good interview questions to place in scrapbooks?

posted by  oliver766(20)

How to I deal with my friend who was molested?

posted by  Shopboi(11)

How do you know when a friendship is beginning?

posted by  Anony(10)

What are some original surveys for friends?

posted by  praveenalister(79)

What do you do when everyone forgets your birthday?

posted by  ganesh89(2)

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