Question by  narnar2 (1)

What does it mean when I dream I'm with my former friend, and we're best friends again?

We stopped being friends for a little. He is mean to me but we used to be best friends. I had a dream that we were hanging out, and we were in a dark alley, and somebody shot at us.


Answer by  Quasita (119)

This dream seems to be telling you that you have some unresolved feelings in regards to the friendship. You still have anxiety about the ending of the friendship.


Answer by  FriendlyClown (23)

A dream is a wish your heart makes- so clearly you miss your old friend. Maybe the shooting part means you feel safer when bad things happen IF your friend is by your side.


Answer by  JennW (342)

Renewed friendship in dreams can be your brain's way of rewriting the past. It's painful to be dissappointed or rejected by a friend, so your brain creates a scenario resolving the conflict between you, shifting the aggression from him to a stranger, and uniting you against a common enemy.


Answer by  Anonymous

This kind of dream usually means that you have actual or repressed sexual feelings for him.

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