Question by  Lesley (32)

Are men interested in having female friends?


Answer by  L (134)

Most men are interested in having female friends, whether it be to pursue a relationship with them or just to have the advice of a trusted female.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Some men are interested in having female friends and others, not. It really depends on the guy. Often men have women as "best buds"


Answer by  hash007 (27)

men are interested in having female friends,In female company they are happy ,as they dont discuss business.Men relax by talking about things that is not related to work.


Answer by  hoopla (150)

Yes, if they can have sex with them, otherwise what is the point?


Answer by  bala30 (26)

yes, a men having intrested in having female than male because it made to speak liberally to all the girls.

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