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Who were the female gangsters of the 1930's?

I need information on female gangsters of the 30's.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Some of the names you can start with are Bonnie Parker (from "Bonnie and Clyde"), Kathryn Kelly (her husband was a well-known gangster "Machine Gun" Kelly) and Kate "Ma" Barker (from one of the most formidable gangs in the 30s, the Karpis-Barker gang). Celia Cooney is often considered to be the most daring Brooklyn gungirl.

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There was also Billie Frechette, who was part of the infamous John Dillinger gang who worked out of Little Bohemia.  add a comment

Answer by  wally (39)

Myra Hindley -Child Killer, Bonnie Parker-Bank Robber(one half of bonnie and Clyde), Belle Starr- outlaw , Ruth Ellis - Murderess, and last but not least the fictious Ma Baker as made famous by Boney M

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