Question by  bertha (26)

What were the Puritans intolerant of?

I think it was quite a few things, right?


Answer by  Hortense (206)

A strictly paternalistic society, the Puritans were intolerant of many things. Puritans could not wear lace; ladies could not wear cloth that had been slashed and the length and width of ladies' sleeves were proscribed by law; men could not have long hair; smoking was not allowed; a man could not kiss his wife in public are just a few.


Answer by  Bernard (69)

Puritans. The name comes from their believe in the purity of the Bible. They were intolerant of everything that was not mention in or could not be related to their interpretations of the Bible. This went to the extreme of excluding all people of different background. What today we would consider has bigotry and racism.

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