Question by  fannyloo (90)

Can you name a famous Filipino inventor?

I'm teaching a unit on Filipino culture.


Answer by  okaygo (32)

Fe del Mundo, one of the first women to enter Harvard Medical School is also credited for research that led to the development of the modern incubator. Specializing in pediatrics, Mundo dedicated her life to improving the health of Filipino children. Her research and studies enabled the creation of the modern incubator used everyday to save the life's of newborns.


Answer by  Lillian36 (222)

Roberto del Rosario invented the Sing Along System that lead to Karaoke. Fe del Mundo was the first Filipino accepted into the Harvard School of Medicine. Fe del Mundo's studies lead to the development of the incubator, and multiple other medical inventions, such as a jaundice relieving device. Eduardo San Juan is also credited with inventing the Lunar Rover.


Answer by  jess123 (45)

A famous Filipino inventor is Angel Alcala. Alcala invented artificial coral reefs. These reefs are used for fisheries in Southeast Asia.

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