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Question by  Fnakun (27)

How do I go about finding out if I am a Blackfoot Indian or not?

I am almost certain that my grandmother was full Indian.


Answer by  Pyronox (29)

Well, first of all, you should make sure that this is what you want to find out. Then, you should search the web and find more about Blackfoot Indians. Even try to find out what your heritage is. After you did all these, try to talk with a genuine Blackfoot Indian. He might really answer your questions.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

There are several things you can do. The first things is that you need to get some details about your ancestors. You can go to websites that help you trace your family tree. Once you have that information, there are registries of different Indian tribes. Search the web for the Blackfoot registry and look for your family.


Answer by  Anonymous

Easiest way: check if you have the characteristic black feet.

Reply by wwgt (7):
or as is the case with some, make sure you actually have two feet, or legs.  add a comment
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