Question by  biebersgirl522 (3)

Do you like Justin Bieber?


Answer by  anne (336)

I do not care much for Justin Bieber, he may sing nicely but his attitude and behaviour are detrimental to the young people who look up to him. Also he is over-mediatized and controled by an industry that has no qualms about using youngsters like objects. Kids everywhere think Justin Bieber is the norm, he's just an object.


Answer by  Anonymous

Justin Bieber is not controlled by the media. He actually means the things he sings about, although most things he sings have the word girl or baby in them, he is really down to earth just like is song down to earth. (I personally like the song pray)


Answer by  Twins3307 (97)

I personally don't know enough about Justin Bieber to like him or not. I'm probably a little old to like him, but I know he's very popular.


Answer by  biebersgirl522 (3)

Love him!

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