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How do you find out what symbols go on your family crest?

posted by  Landjet(19)

What are the odds that siblings will have the same blood type?

posted by  GG(20)

Is there a book about genogram symbols and how to use them?

posted by  jdening(57)

How do you stop annoying siblings?

posted by  Jason41(229)

What is some tasteful mother/daughter jewelry?

posted by  sublimanic(19)

Is alcoholism hereditary?

posted by  megdesmik(13)

How can you find out if someone is in jail?

posted by  Winnie(26)

How do you find lost relatives?

posted by  loneranger(47)

Why won't my child listen to me?

posted by  jen37(1135)

How can I get along with my step grandmother?

posted by  hbach(38)

What rights do grandparents have in Vermont?

posted by  failsafe66(7)

What are traditional African-American family roles?

posted by  agate(22)

What are some good Valentine's Day poems for your mom?

posted by  worker5874(120)

Does baldness come from your mother's father?

posted by  saravanan(91)

What is the relationship to you of your cousins children?

posted by  Siddarth(24)

Have you ever heard of someone getting a "Dad" tattoo?

posted by  seylis(25)

How likely is it to have triplets naturally?

posted by  dennis(20)

What are some good way to pay tribute to your mother?

posted by  haris(11)

How do I locate my sister?

posted by  Jack56(408)

Why is my family so dysfunctional?

posted by  horia60(10)

What are the different types of families?

posted by  awheel(12)

Who should come first your wife or your child?

posted by  shego(255)

How do I find my adoption brother?

posted by  Craig92(5)

Can a grandmother be the godmother?

posted by  poppies(13)

What is life like on a working farm?

posted by  TimMullen(17)

How can I get psychological help if my parents won't let me?

posted by  lgh90(16)

How do you go about finding a lost relative?

posted by  Slam(22)

How do you petition your own mother?

posted by  captain715(25)

What is my relationship to my parent's first cousin?

posted by  AJ47(23)

What are some mother & son country songs?

posted by  joeynchris5(1)

Should I tell my estranged father why I hated him?

posted by  Guppyone(5)

Can a seven-month old infant have temper tantrums?

posted by  BooKooGuru(24)

How is my mother's cousin related to me?

posted by  lala13(88)

How should I ask my dad for a kitten?

posted by  Araema(22)

Has there ever been father and sons on the same MBL teams?

posted by  Illi(61)

How do you deal with mother-in-law drama?

posted by  murquia2000(17)

Who are the descendants of Jefferson Davis?

posted by  Morgan39(27)

Why are women so mean?

posted by  nishanth(46)

How do you look up your family history?

posted by  heatherc1116(16)

What is an example of a first cousin, once removed?

posted by  JChamp(60)

How old were you when you left home?

posted by  DanielleK(535)

Who is Li'l Wayne's father?

posted by  jackson(75)

Why does the Duggar family have so many kids?

posted by  SteveWilliams(22)

What is the best way to come out to your parents?

posted by  AdrianArama(22)

How to tell your child your not his real dad?

posted by  user32(7)

What can you do about overbearing inlaws?

posted by  cooldude(62)

How can I know if I will have kids?

posted by  mvjohn100(9)

How am I related to my cousins child?

posted by  turkwork78(28)

Am I related to someone famous?

posted by  shameema(9)

Why am I choosing to NOT be with the one I love?

posted by  Mazza(1)

How do you deal with an extremely arrogant older brother?

posted by  shay(1)

How do I convince my mom to let me date?

posted by  DMac(22)

Is it okay to be in love with your cousin?

posted by  ziggy(15)

Why am I tall if my mom is short?

posted by  sajitha77(19)

Can you give me some ideas for outdoor games to play?

posted by  ally12345(11)

Are Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal related?

posted by  gregored(19)

What should I do if I lost respect for my parents?

posted by  nleitere(21)

Is ending my relationship with my mother a bad thing?

posted by  fiddlefaddle(883)

How do you get revenge on your sister?

posted by  snipp(9)

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