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What is a possible arrestin use in dentistry?

posted by  webweaver(83)

Are bad teeth hereditary?

posted by  siva33(13)

How does bulimia affect your teeth?

posted by  Horia(21)

Why are my teeth brittle and breaking?

posted by  Winter91(21)

What do baby cavities look like?

posted by  Kirthi(20)

What are complications associated with a fenectomy?

posted by  beenthere13(197)

What causes black to form behind your tooth?

posted by  Kate2835(12)

What can you use or do to help with a toothache?

posted by  Angela(36)

What are the pros and cons of a root canal versus extraction?

posted by  Syl(64)

Which is better: caps or fillings?

posted by  gheesh(59)

How can I eliminate sensitivity after a cavity filling?

posted by  malini(13)

Where would a permanent incisor erupt?

posted by  Liz17(17)

Can dental hairline fractures be seen on an x-ray?

posted by  Smith123(14)

Will pulpitis show up on an x-ray?

posted by  MsLizziebug(833)

How do I get rid of calcium deposits?

posted by  Solomon(91)

Is gum swelling around your wisdom teeth common?

posted by  amitmagic(37)

How do I de-sensitize a tooth?

posted by  Darkcrystal24(19)

How do you correctly go about brushing your teeth?

posted by  triLcat(11)

Is there such a thing as tooth regrowth?

posted by  mistahblaze(19)

What can you tell me about aching gums?

posted by  Janarthanan(42)

What can I do for a gum infection and inflammation?

posted by  Kurt(4579)

What is a homeopathic remedy for bad teeth?

posted by  bullseye(30)

What should I do for a broken tooth root in a child?

posted by  scrambledeggs(16)

Do dentures hurt?

posted by  tanaloo(16)

What should I do if I can see a cavity in my front tooth?

posted by  kelsnake(28)

Are there any side effects with wisdom teeth extraction?

posted by  nairjula(559)

What are "flossers"?

posted by  mlucas(515)

What causes gingivitis?

posted by  tornado(36)

Can you get brain damage from a rotting tooth?

posted by  Gixugif(16)

What is a good baby tooth abscess treatment?

posted by  Sreejith(24)

Can I get dental advice online?

posted by  shamelashort(18)

What do for a 5-year-old with has a chipped front tooth?

posted by  bethy37(23)

What are some ways to fix extremely bad teeth?

posted by  jennyv8(133)

If I have a bad cavity, what will the dentist do to it?

posted by  srbbear(16)

How long does root resorption take?

posted by  sunrey(7)

How do dry sockets happen?

posted by  webguy(117)

Could swollen gums be a result of wisdom teeth coming in?

posted by  Molly36(27)

What could make the inside of my mouth and gums burn?

posted by  Sindhuramesh(21)

What could cause a black spot on my tooth?

posted by  kayseaeff(30)

What is periodontists?

posted by  praveen(18)

What do dental nursing jobs involve?

posted by  Squeaker(100)

How dangerous is it to have a rotten tooth?

posted by  StanG(44)

Can you tell me why my tooth turned black on the back?

posted by  rajanonline(30)

What is the dental procedure to treat a gum abscess?

posted by  Sarah99(43)

How do you tell if your child has loose baby teeth?

posted by  ubbull39(33)

If you get a root canal, what are the pros and cons?

posted by  AnneM(16)

What can be done about a calcified tooth root?

posted by  gregorymandile(21)

What is a temporary tooth replacement flipper?

posted by  deb(50)

Do dentists use cadaver teeth for implants?

posted by  Thomas82(13)

My saliva is burning my tongue. What's wrong?

posted by  Rahman(29)

What can you do about infected wisdom teeth?

posted by  Melanocyte(10)

How do you stop teeth grinding in children?

posted by  musicman(31)

Can a tooth extraction cause neurological problems?

posted by  yarman(26)

What are the indications that you need a root canal?

posted by  sinrez(63)

How do you glue a crown back on?

posted by  Sudhkar(69)

What could cause a hard nodule in your mouth?

posted by  nina(17)

What can be done for a leaking crown?

posted by  pigalenababe1968(30)

Should I be worried that my toddler has bad breath?

posted by  Greg68(8)

Is there such a thing as permanent dentures?

posted by  arch901(10)

What would cause a sore bump on my gums?

posted by  deb74(164)

Why do I get dental pain when bending over?

posted by  jbl7894(16)

What is the best treatment for an oral bone spur?

posted by  jstoltz(29)

Should a dentist be letting decay go?

posted by  cannonball(111)

What can you tell me about crowns and filling problems?

posted by  Chris50(13)

Can babies get root canals?

posted by  superwhites(220)

Does calcium reduce tartar?

posted by  Bob6479(27)

Should I worry about uneven enamel on baby teeth?

posted by  betty(73)

If my tooth was pulled 5 days ago, should I still be in pain?

posted by  JCC(48)

What should I know about having a dental partial plate?

posted by  lisak(52)

What can cause bone bumps in your mouth?

posted by  Paul(25)

What happens when a root canal misses a canal?

posted by  lexi(24)

Should I be concerned about dark gums?

posted by  Margaret8(47)

What are the symptoms of Gingivitis?

posted by  Metti(20)

Do you know how to whiten your teeth?

posted by  Devin(19)

Can you use Oram Plus with other products?

posted by  acornwell82(32)

Does Orajel work for cuts on your lip?

posted by  AmericanGunMan(21)

How do broken roots affect a tooth?

posted by  Raquel57(12)

How much to dentures cost?

posted by  otilia(3)

What kind of viral infection attacks the mouth?

posted by  MarcusAntonious(36)

What is the best and *safest* way to whiten your teeth?

posted by  Eilish(11)

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