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Question by  siva33 (13)

Are bad teeth hereditary?

I need to know if I will get my fathers bad teeth.


Answer by  stacykylemark (342)

Some dental problems are inherited. Such as congenitally missing teeth. Most problems, such as decay and gum disease, can be taken care of with regular dental visits and good hygiene. Ask your dentist about what you can do to prevent specific problem that you are concerned about. Don't let your problems get out of control.


Answer by  Suzanne (56)

No bad teeth are not hereditary, diet and brushing are more important. You need acid, sugar, and plaque to create cavities. The PH of your spit can be hereditary which would cause someone with a lower PH to have more cavities if they ate the same and brushed the same as someone with a higher PH.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

"Bad teeth" are a cross of poor or thin enamel, which is genetic, and poor dental hygiene, which is learned. Brush, floss, and have cavities treated early.


Answer by  leilalee (67)

There are certain genetic factor to dental health. You may inherit certain aspects from your father that may make you more susceptible to dental problems. But this can be avoided, you will just have to work harder at avoiding said problems than the general population


Answer by  Anonymous

Spacing,enamel, & crooked teeth can be inherited. my fathers side has gap in frnt teeth. I have 4 other siblings& only my oldest brother inherited this gap. My mom & the rest of us,have model type teeth. Oral hygeine was very big deal growing up as well

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