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Question by  MarcusAntonious (36)

What kind of viral infection attacks the mouth?


Answer by  Carrie55 (204)

Herpes is the most common viral infection that attacks the mouth. Herpes presents itself as sores that develop along the gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Herpes is most often transmitted through a variety of ways from an infected person, such as kissing or sharing cups.


Answer by  vannusri (63)

there is a huge list of viruses affecting the mouth. 1. herpes simplex virus-which causes cold sores on the lips 2. herpes zoster infection-which is aloso known as shingles 3. cytomegalo virus infection-this occurs inn people with AIDS 4. hand foot & mouth disease-seen as epidemic in school children 5. small pox & chicken pox infections

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