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Question by  Devin (19)

Do you know how to whiten your teeth?

My teeth need whitening.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

You can whiten your teeth several ways. One way to do it is to go to the dentist and have custom trays made and buy special bleach that they sell in the office only and you can not get it from the stores. Another way is to get whitening strips from your pharmacy.


Answer by  Riley (765)

Over the counter kits are available. Some work, some do not. The best way is to have the dentist make bleach trays for you. Cheaper in the end.


Answer by  Amy21 (460)

To whiten teeth you can use many methods. One is to buy the kits that aid in doing it. Anothor is to see your dental professional to have it done.


Answer by  jane51 (287)

you can buy whitening strips, different strenght availabe, the strongest ones at the dental office,you can also have in done with bleaching trays or lazor at the dentist office, depends on how much you want to spend

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