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Question by  amitmagic (37)

Is gum swelling around your wisdom teeth common?

My gums are swelling around my wisdom teeth.


Answer by  Shelina (66)

Swelling of gingival tissue around unerupted or partially erupted wisdom teeth is very common. When the gum tissue is broken to allow the eruption of the teeth it allows debris and bacteria to enter the pocket around the teeth. The swelling is a result of inflammation from the process of eruption or the improper cleaning of the area.


Answer by  nicolebrodeur (206)

No. If your gums are swelling around your wisdom teeth, you may have an infection or gingivitis. Additionally, if you know your wisdom teeth have come in, you may want to have them pulled.


Answer by  bunnifer (45)

It is fairly common if they are just starting to come in, like a baby teething, your gums are swelling in reaction to the teeth breaking through. However, if you've had your wisdom teeth for at least a year, then swelling is usually a sign of infection and would require you to get on some antibiotics.


Answer by  ChrisMPJ (91)

Gum swelling around any of your teeth is not common. You may have food stuck in your gums that is causing the swelling however if it is around all 4 wisdom teeth, you should see a dentist to discuss treatment or having them removed.

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