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Question by  lexi (24)

What happens when a root canal misses a canal?


Answer by  Scot (591)

Initially, the patient will walk away from the treatment feeling fine. Ultimately, the tooth will become abscessed when a canal is missed during the root canal procedure.


Answer by  lindafutral (34)

If a dentist misses a canal during the root canal procedure, the canal will be left viable and could then re-abscess and may need to be accessed again to insure that all canals have been treated properly. A patient will know this has happened only if the canal becomes infected again and starts to show symptoms of an abscess.


Answer by  kworks (23)

In this case, there is option for the tooth to be retreated, that is the root canal to be corrected. if the infection has not spread to the point where the two roots of the tooth divide, then the tooth can be saved.


Answer by  nomi (4)

if root canal misses a cannal followings can be the result of it. Constant tooth pain Pain when chewing Tooth pain referred to head and ears as well Tooth sensitivity on consuming sweets

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