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Question by  mturk65459 (49)

What would cause a burning feeling in my leg?

It's located just below my knee.


Answer by  KrisK99 (25)

The differential diagnosis is broad; it includes skin related conditions (zoster rash etc), neuropathic pain from nerve involvement and muscle related injuries. It could also be caused by a tear in the meniscus within the knee joint. Similarly, bursitis could also cause pain just below the knee.


Answer by  EarlZ (93)

There are so many symptoms related to this feeling. In some cases such burning in the leg can be due to overuse from exercise. In other cases burning can be a result of inactivity of a particular muscle also known as Thrombosis or a blod clot. The overall solution would be to consult your family doctor.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

What might cause a burning feeling in your leg right below your knee is a possible torn ligament or other type of tissue.

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