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Question by  EllenS (1)

Confirmed strep throat not cured with Keflex. Second throat swap positive. Then took Levofloxacin, still have sore throat. What next?

Finished all meds. No tonsils. Allergic to amoxycillin, doxycycline, Zithromax. Have had strep for 30 days! Why don't the antibiotics work? Excellent health prior to this.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Many strains have become antibiotic-resistant because antibiotics are unnecessarily prescribed too often and/or patients don't finish the course, allowing bacteria or viruses to evolve and become resistant. This is how MRSA evolved, e.g. You likely need a 30-day course of a broad-spectrum (Keflex is not). See your doctor..

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