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Question by  silvscorp (12)

If I have a tender submental, or neck, what could be the cause?

My neck is very tender and I have no idea why.


Answer by  kotpik (34)

The neck must carry a heavy presence. It has to bear the burden of the head over it. This tenderness of the neck can be caused by reduced blood flow into the brain and neck. Doing some slow, light neck bending exercises and changing sleeping style can help a lot.


Answer by  NYCCDC (311)

You may have myofascial pain which is really muscular pain. Sometimes we don't realize we have stressed our necks and the next day you feel like you were hit with a ton of bricks. Although that is likely you may have a herniated disc or worse. Get it checked.


Answer by  crookedneck (33)

You probably slept on your neck they wrong why. I have done that plenty of times and a single touch to my neck would send me into screaming pain. Even though it feels really tender try to get someone to give you massage, it might hurt at first but, it will feel better in a couple minutes.

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