Question by  Division1TrackAthlete (79)

Is there a phobia of confrontation?

I need to understand a phobia of confrontation.


Answer by  trogdorita (26)

Such a thing does exist, but does not have a technical name. Phobias dealing with confrontation or conflict are aggravated by avoiding the conflict, and can only be extinguished by dealing with it directly, or working up to it over several sessions of therapy. Recent research into this phobia has also shown that hypnotherapy may have promising applications.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

A phobia of confrontation is when someone is excessively afraid of being confronted. This could be the result of social phobia or an irrational fear of being criticized. It can also be the result of emotional or even physical abuse at an early age that in which the abuse started with a confrontation.

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