Question by  mrsnanaboat (15)

What could cause the air conditioner light to blink on a Dodge Stratus?

My air conditioner appears to be working fine, yet the light is blinking.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dodge Stratus are madeby Mitsubishi. Most commonly it means the ac compressor clutch isn't working properly and needs replacing, or a new compressor. If not,it's the $900 main control board.


Answer by  worker1349 (9)

this is a very common problem with dodge stratus. something might be wrong with the ac compressor. take it somewhere to check it out.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

There could be a possible problem within the air conditioner on the vehicle. The light may also be malfunctioning. On several types on vehicles certain lights will come on when there is nothing wrong.

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