Question by  Tazza (2)

Why does my volume keep decreasing and changing stations on its own?

I have a '96 Monte Carlo. I have to either keep turning it up or turning back to the station I was listening to. It didn't do it as much when I first bought it from my friend. Now it does it like every second, and I fight back with the volume knob.


Answer by  twitchard (143)

It sounds as if you have a faulty antenna connection on your radio. What you need to do is pop out your radio and look in the back to see if the large male connector is solid inside the radio. This connector looks like a oversized headphone jack connector. If solid, wires to antenna outside are faulty.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

It sounds like the radio is shorting out. You should check the wires after you pull the cd player out and make sure that the red and yellow wires are not rubbing on anything. If they are it will cause the radio to short and do exactly what you are saying.

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