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What could be causing my dog to become aggressive?

posted by  Nikki(22)

Is it possible to teach my rat to fetch?

How can I encourage my puppy to play with its litter mates?

posted by  Rhonda(22)

Why does my cat scratch her ear?

posted by  cusackpat(22)

How do you care for red ear slider eggs?

posted by  harijangam(17)

Can I put an albino catfish in a home tank?

posted by  Kristina(22)

What should I know about cockatiel vocalization?

posted by  simplyheartfelt(52)

How do I determine the sex of a turtle?

posted by  vampora(35)

Is any type of algae good for my tank?

posted by  zoid(49)

How big do Oranda goldfish get?

posted by  cbo(17)

Can saltwater tank be changed to a freshwater tank?

posted by  turkey98(232)

What kind of fish has red gills?

posted by  jblo(23)

What are the best tank mates for a gourami?

posted by  clubbprez(48)

What are the small bugs I see on my dog?

posted by  Josh(12)

How do you treat sarcoptic mange in pot-bellied pigs?

posted by  worker6086(52)

How can I teach a Border Collie to herd chickens?

posted by  Anandhakumark(10)

Do fish drink water?

posted by  prahlad40(74)

What is the best size crate for a Cocker Spaniel?

posted by  jamal161(14)

How long does a puppy continue to chew on things?

posted by  kutty(23)

What can I do for my sick cat when I have new carpet?

posted by  sonja(15)

What can you tell me about common dog bugs?

posted by  CouchFreak(12)

What can be done for a chincilla that has a prolapsed rectum?

posted by  bert(16)

How do I introduce a second pit bull to my home?

posted by  Rachel58(30)

Why does my cat snuggle on my chest?

posted by  CSandeep(48)

How do I determine what kind of snake I have?

posted by  RandiKaye(39)

What medication do you give to rabbits with botfly?

posted by  fruitfly(126)

What can you tell me about pet hedgehogs and echidnas?

posted by  Bee92(82)

What are the best hair cuts for Pomeranian dogs?

posted by  suchibu(15)

What do birds like to eat?

posted by  Siddarth(24)

How to tell how old a cat is?

posted by  claire(34)

How many ounces of protein/pound does a dog need a day?

posted by  Anders(30)

How do you care for a pink belly ball python?

posted by  puella22(160)

What should I know before clipping duck wings?

posted by  fleurdelizfilrose(16)

Are small snakes good to keep as pets?

posted by  kathryn26(96)

Why is my goldfish swimming around with its head down?

posted by  DrPill(24)

Is my bird depressed?

posted by  eglennking(22)

What can be done about an aggressive dominant St Bernard?

posted by  Sonny(44)

What should I know about raising wild swallows?

posted by  Chris46(25)

Can you keep red ear sliders in ponds?

posted by  Lucy77(13)

What is the proper care of a blue-tailed skink?

posted by  twintech(11)

Why does my Yorkshire Terrier have a thin coat?

posted by  everythingsfree(12)

How do you train a dog to use a dog house?

posted by  euterpe(30)

What is the best bearded dragon pet care?

posted by  Jalan(32)

How do you prevent a horse from bolting?

posted by  LexiLynn(28)

Why do male rabbits fight?

posted by  Ident30(33)

What advice can you give me on training puggle puppies?

posted by  Dale23(192)

Can you help me I am having trouble housebreaking a pug?

posted by  Mantis(74)

Why does my goldfish pick on the other goldfish in the pond?

posted by  Mik(24)

What is normal cockatoo behavior?

posted by  Chris2538(16)

What should I consider before adopting another cat?

posted by  mskiki29360(43)

What is causing my dog's tail to be swollen?

posted by  Erikabrooke(22)

What is the best thing to feed to baby mice?

posted by  lovebug2421(189)

In what countries can you have a monkey as a pet?

posted by  yntern(58)

How do you keep cats off of your car?

posted by  oldmom(716)

Can people keep wallabies as pets?

What can cause dog tail problems?

posted by  bjfu(19)

How should I potty train my puppy?

What should I know about a chicuahua pit mix dog?

posted by  radiantrachel(39)

How can I get my pet turtle to eat?

posted by  jamie36(9)

How long does a female chihuahua stay in heat?

posted by  newuser(49)

Why is my pet rat limping?

posted by  LonestarJR(19)

How long do guinea pigs live?

posted by  pinkie(247)

Will a grub worm embed itself in a cat's neck?

posted by  VivekRathee(103)

What can I do for my constipated rabbit?

posted by  dannystanks73(14)

How can you tell the gender of a goldfish?

posted by  sungirl325(22)

What can I do for my dog's bad breath?

posted by  clever6242(29)

What kind of turtle do I have?

posted by  aj12(1)

Does a urinary tract infection cause weakness in dogs?

posted by  bgrant(58)

Do pets have the same astrological system as humans?

posted by  Bob71(27)

How do you care for a tarantula?

posted by  rdharia(16)

How can I teach my male rabbit not to spray?

posted by  srinicse(12)

What are common goat illnesses?

posted by  Mkg(64)

How much food should I give to a guinea pig?

posted by  GrandMonkey(22)

How do I know when my Cockatoo is sick?

posted by  mturk79(98)

How do you teach a yearling to lead?

posted by  anuramani(9)

My turtle laid her eggs in water what should I do?

posted by  sachiko(1)

What do dwarf hamsters eat?

posted by  sush(22)

How do goldfish have babies?

posted by  jmcagarry(1)

What do you use for hamster bedding?

posted by  llisatakb(30)

How do you care for a Uromastyx?

posted by  Teaberry(846)

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