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What is the best treatment for ticks on animals?

posted by  crepuscular(18)

What can I do for my hamster if he has a sore?

posted by  scott56(15)

What is the mortality rate of a baby cottontail rabbit?

posted by  maggi(15)

What is the average life span of ferrets?

posted by  AngelOfMondays(45)

Why does my kitten pant?

posted by  schwibb(35)

What non-shedding dog breeds have calm personalities?

posted by  knowhow(13)

What are the different guinea pig species?

posted by  MaryR(46)

What is the best way to care for a toy Pomeranian puppy?

posted by  Jjl(32)

How do I care for my albino ferret?

posted by  MissFrizzle(25)

What are the characteristics of the Tibet terrier?

posted by  patti(29325)

What are some of the most destructive dogs out there?

posted by  bederson(22)

How do you treat a dog bite?

posted by  kimecoe(19)

Do Japanese fighting fish require special care?

posted by  deserae(33)

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

posted by  deb74(164)

What are some good ideas for Scottish terrier names?

posted by  samleng(11)

Is it legal to have pet alligators?

posted by  Nebmx(23)

What is the history of the Shetland sheepdog?

posted by  Laura76(7)

How expensive are miniature huskies?

posted by  Snow4Life(49)

Is it OK to leave a dog at home all day?

posted by  bazillion(87)

What can I do to stop my dog from eating toys?

posted by  hanaalami(30)

What are the normal habits of Pomeranian dogs?

posted by  freddie(28)

What is a map turtle?

posted by  jrrera(19)

How do you care for lionhead rex rabbits?

posted by  MsSnoop(29)

How to retrain a dog from piddle pads to going outside?

posted by  asha152002(20)

Why does my cat lick the wall?

posted by  Sairabanu(27)

How do you control fungus in a salt water tank?

posted by  Michele61(24)

Why would my cat meow every time he goes in the litter box?

posted by  mikey(29)

What kind of water should I give to rabbits?

posted by  ppremise(200)

What causes vaginal discharge in a dog?

posted by  Becky(20)

What is normal behavior for a Chihuahua puppy?

posted by  Latin4(11170)

How can you prevent dogs from licking a lot?

posted by  Jessica76(11)

How long does it take snapping turtle eggs to open?

posted by  anujtherock(24)

Why does my dog shakes his head all the time?

posted by  haggis(15)

What does it mean when dogs start chewing on their feet?

posted by  Stan(75)

What can I do about my guinea pig's dry skin and fur?

posted by  ss(19)

How do you care for just born puppies?

posted by  brutalpanda(64)

Can dogs get cavities?

posted by  Paul99(47)

What breeds make good family watchdogs?

posted by  DeathWings(47)

What can I do to keep my dogs from fighting over food?

posted by  Anitha74(9)

Does a gecko make a good pet?

posted by  Merlyn2040(29)

What is the best book for advice on training a new puppy?

posted by  JoeSmo(58)

What can you tell me about Li'l Dog Rescue?

posted by  fancypants(25)

How do you train pitbulls?

posted by  Jenny27(2)

What do gerbils eat?

posted by  alleymcdeal(20)

What is a blue crayfish?

posted by  livegive(15)

Do puppies poop every two hours?

posted by  Rachel67(41)

What dyes are safe for animals?

posted by  dr(23)

How do you keep a bloated fire bellied toad?

posted by  kishore16(29)

How do I breed dwarf hamsters?

posted by  adele2310(15)

Why are my dog's ears splotchy?

posted by  livegive(15)

Which bird makes the most noise, a sun concure or a cockatial?

posted by  Emel(17)

How do you determine the age of a black lab puppy?

posted by  Danny58(19)

How do you care for a chinchilla?

posted by  rshalf01(21)

Can you get ferrets for pets?

posted by  Dyal(21)

What are some good puppies for children?

posted by  carneve(5)

How big will a Lab retriever mix get?

posted by  jcm(117)

I a Chihuahua-Boston Terrier mix a good one?

posted by  jen37(1135)

How do you train a green horse, as in break him in?

posted by  deth(15)

Why do pugs bite?

posted by  Kris(797)

Do you need any special stuff to keep a minnow as pet?

posted by  karmachaos(26)

What do I feed an injured rabbit?

posted by  floriduhgurlie(20)

Where is a pet store that I can purchase flying squirrels?

posted by  Jim35(21)

Why does a dog chew up everything in sight?

posted by  dieharfen(15)

What are the best dogs for a family with small children?

posted by  ggrace(26)

How do you housebreak an adult cocker spaniel?

posted by  largetuna(118)

What causes a cat to drool?

posted by  worker54(75)

What are some kinds of albino frogs?

posted by  purushothamaraja(15)

Do crabs have bowel movements?

posted by  thooyavangmailcom(16)

Do bloody stools in a dog mean that he's going to die?

posted by  kepke(46)

What is the proper care for a dyh amazon parrot?

posted by  hmete(14)

What are some tricks I can teach my birds?

posted by  Suzanne(56)

What is the temperament of a Bichon Frise?

posted by  Gisela(25)

Should I be concerned about my cat acting paranoid?

posted by  mohamedarshad(17)

Why does my hamster sleep a lot?

posted by  redhairdude(5)

My new bunny won't eat. What should I do?

posted by  megan23m(1)

How can I get my cat to use a covered litter tray?

posted by  zoid(49)

How many mini rex bunnies are there in a litter?

posted by  jamuna(25)

How many neon trats are in a five gallon tank?

posted by  Henry16(34)

Is it legal to keep a Goliath tarantula as a pet?

posted by  Jessica16(5)

What should I know about parrot fish breeding?

posted by  Illi(61)

How do you heal a sore on a dogs face?

What is the ideal weight for a mini rex rabbit?

posted by  karate(24)

What is typical sixth month old kitten behavior?

posted by  Baron06(16)

How to tell when your box turtle is laying eggs?

posted by  sare(12)

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