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What is a good milk replacer for pot bellied pigs?

posted by  soniv11(25)

How old should a puppy be before you begin leash training?

posted by  debtat(19)

How can I get my cat to not pee on the floor?

posted by  LoLa84(32)

Does a rabbit's diet include strawberries?

posted by  Serdar(11)

What can I do about my parakeet's long nail?

posted by  NoahEdema(58)

What tips can you give me on raising a miniature husky?

posted by  Laura14(51)

What does full polydactyl mean?

posted by  kimmiepooh35(35)

Is a the technique of doing Bonsai Kitty humane?

posted by  mutsy(25)

Do Rouen ducks make good pets?

posted by  CDT(117)

What kind of toys should I buy for my new pet rabbits?

posted by  Iwona(9)

What can you tell me about handling young cockatiels?

posted by  mariana057(17)

Is a Macaw a good choice for a first-time bird owner?

posted by  samantha50(14)

What are some good names for a poodle?

posted by  paulz1(79)

Can you use the Superyard XT outside?

posted by  scotttherobot(45)

What is the proper care for a small horned yellow lizard?

posted by  fred91(42)

Do Winter White hamsters require special care?

posted by  worker3016(10)

Is Acepromazine a good pet tranquilizer?

posted by  caligirl1740(27)

What fruits and vegetables can my bunny eat?

posted by  Mohammed(21)

When do ducks lay eggs?

posted by  mansi(521)

What number of glow fish can I keep in a tank?

posted by  cary(111)

How long is a cat's memory?

posted by  mturk9000(33)

What kind of rabbit is brown with white spots?

posted by  amberh83(2)

How long do you bottle feed a fainting goat?

posted by  Harrisb85(20)

What could be the cause of my feline having sticky saliva?

posted by  baby75(126)

What should I know before breeding my rats?

posted by  Missa(24)

What is the temperament of a pit bull dalmatian mix?

posted by  Demician(18)

How do I go about removing red algae from saltwater?

posted by  jboston19(30)

Will histicytoma affect my dogs bark?

posted by  Alice(26)

Why is my fish swimming with its head up?

posted by  cary(111)

How can you tell if a Holland Lop (rabbit) is thirsty?

posted by  sinu(23)

How hard is it to keep pet pigs?

posted by  KellyV(20)

How common are dogs with yellow eyes?

posted by  hkl091889(18)

What equipment do I need to maintain a puffer fish?

posted by  clyn(51)

How does music affect a dogs behavior?

posted by  austingirl(20)

What can you tell me about a chihuahua terrier mix?

posted by  JeremiahJohnson(88)

Can you train your old dwarf hamster?

posted by  bala30(26)

Is a pet water fountain a good idea?

posted by  earhornjones(28)

How do you care for a guppy fish?

posted by  geeksquad(15)

What should I know before I get a border-Aussie mix?

posted by  Pac(30)

What could causing my hamster to have labored breathing?

posted by  ITDoc(47)

How do you catch a gar fish?

posted by  marcky012(18)

How do you pick out a dog?

posted by  Chrisme(94)

What is some good "pet homework" for kids?

posted by  worker65(25)

Should dog be kept in pairs?

posted by  Sean59(63)

What can I do if my two dogs do not get along with each other?

posted by  Say(55)

Can you keep anoles as pets?

posted by  cathyann(82)

What is typical older dog behavior?

posted by  (7)

How long does it take geckos to shed?

posted by  yntern(58)

What do you call male cats and female cats?

posted by  anneb(123)

Is it okay to stare at my dog?

posted by  crstanley(18)

Which is better as a pet: Rats or guinea pigs?

posted by  msdee(24)

How do you build an exercise pen for rabbits?

posted by  lendrandir(36)

How can I prevent my pet raccoon from digging up my plants?

posted by  mama22(16)

How to take care of a hamster?

posted by  poodle(24)

What should I do when my dog gives birth to her puppies?

posted by  wwhisnant(38)

Can rabbits get human illnesses?

posted by  tamarawilhite(17883)

How do you determine the gender of a parakeet?

posted by  Tamara(41)

What can I do to prevent worms in the hoofs of my goats?

posted by  caftril(176)

Why does a cat suck on things?

posted by  Booger(16)

Do orange-winged African parrots make good pets?

posted by  harry75(41)

How do you know if your rabbit has an upset stomach?

posted by  jlmk(20)

Why is my cat hissing?

posted by  sahil79(9)

Can you stop toxemia in guinea pigs?

posted by  KateAndHannah(5)

How can you tell the sex of pet bunnies?

posted by  jj(21)

What are the necessities for hermit crab's?

posted by  arul(12)

What are the best aquariums from guppies?

posted by  VBelladonnaV(21)

What is involved with neutering a goat?

posted by  falka(80)

Do goldfish sleep?

posted by  aksourav(41)

How high can a domestic cat jump?

posted by  michaelm(29)

What do you feed a baby blue jay?

posted by  supercharli85(51)

What do I need to know about caring for goldfish?

posted by  matt11(23)

What are the right breeding ages for dogs?

posted by  Helpful(23)

What are some angelfish courting behaviors?

posted by  ganapathy(10)

What can I feed my guinea pig?

posted by  Sdkoh(34)

When is the best time to mate a Jack Russell?

posted by  ViperDad84(27)

What is the average weight of saint bernard puppies?

posted by  dogsinblue(66)

How do I know what breed my cat is?

posted by  shazmahmood(5)

Are Border Collies good pets?

posted by  nick36(5)

Can I put parakeets and finches in the same birdcage?

posted by  nleitere(21)

What is causing my guinea pig to shed?

posted by  rickmiller(23)

How do I know if my hamster is pregnant?

posted by  marshallthornton(16)

Are peanuts okay to feed to hamsters?

posted by  Noelle(17)

How large do muck, stinkpot, turtles get?

posted by  pbanchetti(13)

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