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What are some pro wrestling schools in Ohio?

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Is the blood in wrestling real or fake?

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In the WWE, what ever happened to Paul Bearer?

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What is a typical wrestling salary?

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What is a good WWE wrestling school?

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Who are some World Wrestling Champs?

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What kind of a salary do pro wrestlers make?

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What is a good female wrestler's workout?

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What is Undertaker the wrestler's real name?

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Who are the best tag teams?

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How do you get into professional wrestling?

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What are some good wrestling workouts?

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What were the accomplishments of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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What is Shane McMahon doing now?

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Is WWE wrestling real?

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What is the history of WWF?

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Who are today's top ECW wrestlers?

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What are some tips on how to become a wwe wrestler?

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Who is the best WWE superstar?

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Who are the strongest pro wrestlers?

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Is WWE real?

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How long has Eddie Guerrero been in the WWE?

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What all does John Cena do?

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What kind of training is involved in WWE?

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Is The Big Show still wrestling?

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What goes on behind the scenes of pro wrestling?

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How do I get into the pro-wrestling business?

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Where can I find the real names for WWE famous wrestlers?

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Has B. Ware retied from wrestling?

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What is the size of WWE rings?

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What happened to the undertaker in WWE?

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What is "Road Warriors Wrestling"?

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How do you execute an armlock wrestling move?

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What are some submission moves?

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Is wrestling fake?

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Are there live underwear wrestling shows?

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Who is Rey Mysterio?

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When will ECW One Night Stand be held again?

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In WW2 what and when is the blitz?

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How old do you have to be to train for the WWE?

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How do you make a wrestling ring?

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Is it healthy for brothers to play at wrestling?

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What is Macho Man Randy Savage's real name?

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What are some helpful wrestling secrets?

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What should I know about lifting weights for wrestling?

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Who is the cast of WCW revenge?

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What's the average strength of a pro wrestler?

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Who is the hottest WWE diva?

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Who are some famous WCW wrestlers?

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What is the history of the WWE Hardy Boys?

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When did Wrestlemania get created?

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What are the best wrestling takedowns?

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Who are the musclemen of wrestling?

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What is Sabu's real name?

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How does tag team wrestling work?

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What is the Ring of Honor?

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Why do wrestlers wear tights?

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What is the difference between Smackdown and Raw?

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Does WWE make toy wrestlers?

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Who are some beautiful women wrestlers?

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Did they ever put Backlash 2004 on video?

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How did the Von Erich family get into wrestling?

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How many pro-wrestling deaths have occurred?

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How many posters does Jeff Hardy have out?

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What's the best WWE match up ever?

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