Question by  GeorgeTuell (20)

Is the blood in wrestling real or fake?

It has got to be fake.


Answer by  shiny807 (99)

Yes the blood in wrestling is real... Most of the fighters are fighting really and losing their bloods.... so i hope it could be real thing only not fake.... Thank you!!!!!


Answer by  salamander (408)

im assuming you are talking about televised wrestling, such as the wwe? then yea i would say most of it is fake.. im sure there is some of it that is real, but the whole thing is planned out, its basically like a movie, there are skits, scripts, planned events and characters.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Throughout history (and even to this day) it can be both. A lot of matches, the wrestlers will cut themselves on purpose, but obviously there are times when accidents happen, and the wrestlers will cut cut for real. The method in the wrestling industry when they cut themselves is referred to as "blading. "


Answer by  sweetiecat2 (23)

fake. one of my family members was a wrestler


Answer by  John (9008)

It is usually real. Small cuts to the forehead bleed a lot without causing real damage; wrestlers often hide small razors to make these cuts to increase the drama.


Answer by  LaraTanciya (146)

Obviously the blood in wrestling is real only, may be some fighters will cheat but not all fighters only god knows everything. I hope probably it won't be fake.


Answer by  Will65 (73)

Generally the blood in wrestling is very real. It's been said that the performers use blood packs but the fact is that sometimes the wrestlers really do end up bleeding or to create suspense they self inflict cuts to themselves with various objects.

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