Question by  pibull63 (21)

What are some good wrestling workouts?

My son wants to be a good wrestler.


Answer by  JG000 (162)

Most aspiring wrestlers are trained at a pro-wrestling school. The standard workout regimen includes: chest (bench press), delts (barbell press), and legs (calf raises) coupled with a healthy diet.


Answer by  Doug99 (9)

As a wrestler in high school I chose to run daily to keep up my endurance. Working out in the weight room was good for physical and mental preparations. Calisthenics such as push ups, sit ups,running in place, and jumping rope are good for a cariovascular workout and keeps mucsles loosened up to prevent pulled muscles and back strains.


Answer by  gzsprout (35)

Wrestling is a very hard sport to train for because it requires equal parts speed, strength, stamina, & a massive amount of technique as well. I recommend a lot of body weight exercises to increase body awareness as well. Once he learns some moves, lots of drilling will help, too.


Answer by  Anonymous

prince push ups!!! start in a bridge position and use a weight and press the weight 2 the air. it helps ur neck strength and ur chest. we do this all the time in my room


Answer by  mb (5482)

Any good wrestler should do lots of cardio, you need the stamina for sustained effort. After cardio you should focus on strength building, especially of the upper arms and lower legs. Finally flexability is vital, pilaties and yoga are good investments for a wrestler to make. Remember, don't over do it and cause an injury.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Get them grappling for fun on mats, and get his cardio up (jogging, sprinting, etc. ). Have him hit the gym, and do a lot of weights (upper and lower body).

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