Question by  bsatterfield (131)

What kind of a salary do pro wrestlers make?

I am thinking about becoming a pro wrestler and want to know what to expect.


Answer by  markbev (25)

Pro wrestlers can make anywhere from 100,000 dollars a year to a million dollars a year depending on their expirence. Rookies make around 100,000 to 250,000 a year, where as top pro wrestlers like The Rock can make around a million dollars a year not including indorsements.


Answer by  catboxxy (182)

While a handful of pro wrestlers do become multi-millionaires, the vast majority actually struggle to make a living on meager wages. When you consider the cost of insurance, medical bills, some travel expensive and mediocre wages if you aren't a WWE star (most aren't), you should only consider wrestling as a career if it is your passion.


Answer by  Bigguy (34)

Pro wrestlers depending on where they are, can make from anywhere from $50 for a show that is held locally, and up to 1 million dollars plus a year if they are in the major federations like the WWE or TNA. Others can make even more if they are the face of the company.


Answer by  John (9008)

Very, very few people who want to be professional wrestlers make it into the WWE. Those few wrestlers can make millions, although they often have short careers. The overwhelming majority of people who become "pro" wrestlers, however, do not make enough money to cover their expenses. (travel, outfits, medical bills, etc). It is not a realistic career choice.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

WWE and TNA wrestlers make pretty decent money. Lower card guys can make over 100k a year in the WWE. However, it is very difficult to make it into one of the top two pro wrestling shows. Money for semi-pro wrestlers is hard to come by. It is a difficult road to travel down.


Answer by  gallicanon1 (64)

pro wrestlers make million of dollars because they are on television. They are strictly entertainers and because they are one television they must have some acting experience. It is a tough job because not only do you have to be a semi-decent actor/actress, but you need to wrestle too.

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