Question by  sudeer (20)

What is a good female wrestler's workout?

I want to be a great wrestler.


Answer by  Gabocha (108)

A good mix of cardio and strength training. Run a few miles a day and lift plenty of weights. Watch your food intake as well. only eat healthy foods. Exercise every other day. you dont wanna over do it. it will take alot of hard work and time, but will have great results.


Answer by  sean15 (19)

Plenty of cardiovascular excersises such as biking and running, also a good amount of light weights and an extremely healthy diet.


Answer by  Larry34 (18)

You should start by stretching your arms, legs, back, and neck. Wrestling requires excellent flexibility. After stretching is complete, circuit-type training like push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and jumping rope to help build your strength and endurance. Then hit the mat for some live wrestling with a partner. Finish with some light jogging.


Answer by  helper84 (35)

You want to intake an above average amount of calories while lifting heavy weight for low reps, and A LOT of cardio.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Anything which is good on endurance and upper body strength. I would recommend jogging and ground fighting for the cardio, and for weight training, a lot of chest (bench press, fly press, etc. ), along with a lot of lat exercises (lat pulldown, etc. ). In addition, shoulder and back exercises are also important.


Answer by  Poonam (652)

she have to need to do yoga in proper way. she also have to take good diet and she would have to avoid fats because it became her fatty so avoid it. all the best...

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