Question by  Homie1 (50)

What is "Road Warriors Wrestling"?

Is that part of the WWE?


Answer by  gowshanbecse (7)

Road Warriors Wrestling is a professional wrestling tag team, having the team of Hawk and Animal they signed into WWF by June 1990 and due to some injuries signed off by 1992. Again returned back WWE as Legion of Doom 2000 in wrestlemania 14 in the year 1998 and left it on 1999.


Answer by  rj23 (37)

The Road Warriors were a very popular tag team in the 1980's and 1990's. They were large caucasian men who wore facepaint and football-like shoulder pads to the wrestling ring. They wrestled as Hawk and Animal. The Road Warriors did work extensively for the WWF which was later renamed the WWE.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

The Road Warriors are arguably the best tag team of all-time, which consisted of Hawk and Animal. Sadly, Hawk passed away, and the Road Warriors were never the same.


Answer by  oscar56 (79)

Road Warriors where the best Tag team wrestlers in all times to me. Today is call like this because it has been a trade mark now. One of the Original Road warrior died several years ago, but people still remember them as the best "tag team". I am not sure if they are in the hall of fame.

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