Question by  Bee92 (82)

What kind of training is involved in WWE?

I have always wondered what those guys go through and if I think I could do it.


Answer by  Jasonal98 (133)

It is not easy. You need to go to a pro wrestling school, take some bumps, join an indie wrestling company, and hope that you get discovered. If WWE has a tryout, you need to go. Florida is WWE's training hotspot right now, so you might want to move there to wrestle if you are serious.


Answer by  Bigguy (34)

You have to learn how to use the ropes, how to take bumps, how to work with others so nobody gets hurt. You also have to learn how to work your personality so you can relate to the crowd as either a heel or a face. Training for this can take years in order for you to make it.


Answer by  hrpoorna (155)

Trainings for WWE are how to be fit and strong, attacking and defending technique, understanding opponents weaker areas and how to fall down without getting hurt of the body parts.


Answer by  vickyaral (34)

Training is the thing that matters For example the best training center is The best school is in Atlanta. The top stars come to MN like Flair and LOD get trained from there. Moreover you should be capable of taking any risks there,then only it is worth participating the school.

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