Question by  Thomas99 (24)

Are there live underwear wrestling shows?

Or are they just filmed? How do you get tickets?


Answer by  Jessica43 (11)

Yes, there are live underwear wrestling shows. Often, at gay bars, there are oil wrestling shows where people wrestle in their underwear. You can buy tickets at the door.


Answer by  scjvegas (5)

There are some underwear wrestling shows that are live. You should search for any local adult clubs or bars that may have these events on their calendars. Adult night clubs will be your most likely option, depending on your area of the country.


Answer by  nyricanb31 (11)

The Wrestling shows are taped live and are brodcasted at a later time. To get tickets, you should call your local ticket master to see when shows are coming.


Answer by  janrey09francisco (56)

Most of these wrestling shows are just being filmed because they are low-budget organizations or only just done by group of friends to post on video sites.

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