Question by  jmo81rn (36)

How do you execute an armlock wrestling move?

I want to take down the competition at my next match.


Answer by  strongarm (18)

First you have to make direct body contact with your opponent. Back up to him and at the same time place your right arm under his left arm and your left arm under his right arm. Then fold your arms across your body squeezing very tight. It works every time.


Answer by  rj23 (37)

You grab the wrist with both hands and twist so the fingers of the opponent turn backwards. Your thumbs should be putting pressure on the wrist and the victim's elbow should be straight. In the end the opponent's palm will be up and you will be wrenching over them.


Answer by  Blyndde (51)

There are a few different types of arm locks. I like to chicken wing the person. You do this by putting one arm behind the persons back like a cop would. Than put pressure on the shoulder.


Answer by  snickelfritz (5)

An armlock concentrates torsion force on the elbow joint. It is much more difficult to apply from a standing position, therefore it is more frequently used on the ground. Leverage is applied against the natural bend of the elbow joint.

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